Those of you that are regulars to my blog page will have been well aware by now that I have not posted in a while. The lack of posts has been apparent in the fact that I hadn’t published one since March prior to the post on Gennaro Gattuso, joining the TTM Library at no. 98, and therefore presenting the concerns for some. I would like to clear this up and say that I have no intention of closing the blog, leaving it or doing whatever, but at the moment I would like to focus on my own priorities that are unrelated to the blog. At this point in time, it has become critical that I maintain focus on what it closer to me now whilst I can, to which can then relax tensions going into the next month.

There will be new posts soon, ahead of the UEFA European Championships in Poland and Ukraine, possible previews and reviews of the matches themselves, however this is not guaranteed. I am looking to start up a new series alongside the TTM library, maintaining freshness and variety amongst my posts and readers. On top of that the Tumblr page I have set up for this blog may experience some changes in the future, depending on what I decide to do with it but there will be some changes, positive and negative, over the coming months. I am hoping to get this blog it’s own domain and remove the tacky ‘wordpress’ part from it, as well as boost traffic and Twitter followers, contribute articles to other website and so forth.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused, but it was only fair that I would post something such as this in order to update those whose interest may have waned. Please, do keep in touch by tweeting me at the official Twitter page, @T_T_Midfielder or @iNickStuff, like the Facebook page and visit the Tumblr website, views, likes, comments (etc) are all appreciated.

Thank you.

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